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 Proposals and Pre-proposals of a TBnet Study

In oder to facilitate TBnet studies we allow two types of submission. Preproposal need mentoring before they become a study proposal, whereas proposals have to meet standards that will be checked in the review process.


The process of a pre-proposal provides a platform for discussing new ideas, giving orientation and help for resolving problems. After the formulation of an objective (using the pre-proposal form) a team of appropriate speacialists out of the TBnet will be build up to provide help and orientation. After that a proposal shold be prepared by the PI (see below).

Form of the pre-proposal (please download here)


The process of submitting and reviewing a study proposal has been revised following a Steering Committee Meeting in Rome February 2011. From now on submission of study proposals is always possible, a proposal form has to be used (available on this webpage), the reviewer will use a checklist of conditions that is available on this webpage and the PI will be informed about acceptance within eight weeks.

  .FAQ           .Answer  
Who can submit a study proposal?         Every member of the TBnet can submit a study proposal  
To whom should the study proposal being send?         Proposals should be send to the secretariate of the TBnet via e-mail:
Is there a deadline for the submission?         There is no deadline, submission is always possible.  
How should a study proposal look like?         It is mandatory to use the proposal form and attend to all subjects addressed in this form (download here).  
How will a study proposal be evaluated?         Two independant reviewers will evaluate the proposal addressing all subjects of the proposal form, using a similar evaluation form and a checklist of conditions (download here).  
What are the mandatory conditions, that a study proposal needs to fulfill?         Study uniqueness (e.g. no duplication); sound scientific background; valid hypothesis; general scientific value above average.  
When can an answer be expected?         Within 6 weeks, the review process shall be finished. Approval of the study shall be reached within latest 8 weeks.  
How is a conflict of interest handled?         PIs can exclude reviewers in their study proposal form.  
How is the study proposal published after acceptance?         • The accepted study proposal will be published on a seperate study webpage (accessible to TBnet members), that can / shall be managed by the PI in cooperation with the TBnet secretariate.
• It will be distributed via e-mail to all
TBnet members.

Study proposal form (Link)


Procedure for evaluation of proposals (Link)


Checklist of conditions (Link)