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You will find a link to the respective study webpage in the slider. You have to be a registered member and have to log in to the webpage to see the respective details.

TBnet #16 A database for paediatric tuberculosis in Europe

Principal investigator: Folke Brinkmann (UK)

This study was facilitated by the award of the TBnet Grant 2010. The project started in October 2010. The data-base will include (1) demographic characteristics (2) information about active TB and Microbiology (3) LTB (4)Follow-up (5) children with TB contact but not treated and (6) adverse events of treatment.

Link to the study webpage of TBnet#16

TBnet #34 / NTM-NET #5 Treatment of M. xenopi infections (CaMoMy Trial)

Principal Investigator: Claire Andrejak (FR)

The main objective of this study is to determine the 6-months sputum conversion rate with a clarithromycin- or moxifloxacin-containing regimen in patients with a M. xenopi pulmonary infection. This study is originally located and facilitated in France, other European centers where not able to participate.

Link to the study webpage of TBnet#34: see

TBnet #47 Metabolomic profile in TB

Principal investigator: Jose Dominguez (E)

Pilot Study completed. The aim of this study is to characterize the specific urinary metabolome released from TB patients by nuclear magnetic resonance in order to be used for diagnostic purposes. The study also aims to evaluate the utility of serial NMR metabolomic determinations in monitoring the efficacy of the treatment

Document A: Study Protocol

Document B: Study Desciption

Document C: Ethical Approval (Spain)

Link to the study webpage of TBnet#47

TBnet #52 Management of tuberculosis in transplant recipients

Principal Investigator: Martina Sester (Germany), Berit Lange (Germany)

Influence of screening for tuberculosis on tuberculosis incidence after organ transplantation in regions of tuberculosis incidence of <40/100000

INSTRUCTION (version 02.12.2015)    STUDY PROTOCOL (version 02.12.2015)   TBnet FORM (version 13.04.2016)

Link to the study webpage of TBnet#52

TBnet #54 Performance of a new generation IGRA in immunocompromised individuals

Principle Investigator: Martina Sester (Germany)

The availability of a test for the sensitive detection of LTBI is particularly important in immunocompromised patients. Due to systemic immunosuppression, immunocompromised patients with latent M. tuberculosis infection are at increased risk of progression to active disease after exposure. This applies to patients with various causes of immunodeficiency such as HIV-infected patients, allogeneic stem cell and solid organ transplant recipients, patients with rheumatoid arthritis and patients with chronic renal failure (2-5). Therefore, current guidelines aimed at preventing tuberculosis infection in immunocompromized individuals recommend a screening for evidence of latent infection to target appropriate preventative prophylaxis (1, 6-13). Read more on the proposal.

Document A: Study Entry Form

Document B: Study Protocol

Document C: Ethical Approval (Germany)

TBnet #55 Clinical Evaluation of miniMDR-TB® test kit

Principal investigators: Sven Hoffner (SE), Jose Dominguez (E)

This study aims to assess the clinical impact of the miniMDR-TB test for the diagnosis of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

Read the study protocol

TBnet #56 P.A.T. Study

Principal investigator: Ilaria Motta

Personalization of AntiTB Treatment: The aim of the study is to investigate the possible correlation of plasma drug concentrations with Time To Positivity (TTP) in liquid culture in patients with active pulmonary TB in the first two weeks of treatment. Secondary aims are: the correlation between plasma drug concentrations and hepato/neuro toxicity; the impact of different allelic variants on PK data, toxicity and TTP in liquid culture; the feasibility of using dried blood/plasma spots to measure plasma concentrations of anti-TB drugs and determine genetic polymorphisms. 


Document A: Ethical Approval (Italian)  

Document B: Patient Information Sheet (English)

Document C: Study Protocol (English)