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Please click on the respective TBnet # to see details and publications of the respective projects.


TBnet #1 TIGRA in Immunocompromised PatientS (TIPS)Principal Investigator: Martina Sester (Germany)

TBnet #2 Use of IGRA as a predictor for the progression from latent infection with M.tuberculosis to tuberculosis in a European cohort Principal investigator: Jean Pierre Zellweger (Switzerland) 

TBnet #3 Guidelines for contact tracing in different countries
Principal Investigator: Graham Bothamley (UK)

TBnet #4 Retrospective and prospective analysis of clinical aspects associated with MDR/XDR TB
Principal Investigator:
Giovanni B. Migliori (I), Gianni Ferrara (I), Christoph Lange (G)

TBnet #5 Rapid diagnosis of smear negative TB by MTB-specific ELISPOT and PCR
Principal Investigator:
Christoph Lange (G)

TBnet #6 RD1 selected peptides as markers of active tuberculosis vs LTBI and as a tool to monitor the effect of therapy
Principal Investigator:
Delia Goletti (I), Massimo Amicosante (I)

TBnet #7 Use of a commercial T-cell interferon-g release assay for the diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy
Principal Investigator: M. Losi (I)

TBnet #12 Noval biomarkers in T-cell assays. Principipal Investigator: Morten Ruhwald
TBnet #14 LTBI: latent tuberculosis infection or lasting immune responses to M.tuberculosis? A LTBI: latent tuberculosis infection or lasting immune responses to M.tuberculosis? A TBnet consensus statement. Principal Investigator: Ulrich Mack
TBnet #17 The negative prospective value of IGRA for the diagnosis of latent TB in children in Europe
Principal Investigator:
Beate Kampmann (UK)

TBnet #18 TB patients' perceptions of their illness by implementation of the Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire (BIPQ)
Principal Investigator:
Dragica Pesut (Serbia)

TBnet #19 / NTM-NET #3  Prospective molecular epodemiological case-control study on NTM lymphadenitis in children Principal Investigator: Dirk Wagner, Alexandra Nieters (Germany) 

TBnet #20 Differentiation profile of antigen-specific T-cells in M.tuberculosis
Principal Investigator:
Delia Goletti (Italy)

TBnet #22 / NTM-NET #2 Evaluation of non-tuberculous mycobacteria effect in the tuberculosis infection diagnosis Principal Investigator: Josè Dominguez (Spain)

TBnet #23 FIAT 500 study (False negative Igra results in Active Tuberculosis
Principal Investigator: Aik Bossink (The Netherlands)

TBnet #27 Analysis of TB case management in the EU and EEA/EFTA countries with special focus on MDR/XDR TB
Principal Investigator: GB Migliori, Giovanni Sotgiu (Italy), Christoph Lange (Germany)

TBnet #28 World map (The geographic diversity of nontuberculous mycobacteria isolated from pulmonary samples: A NTM-NET collaborative study)
Principal Investigator: Jakko van Ingen (The Netherlands)

TBnet #30 Pan-European database on risk-factors and treatment outcomes in M/XDR-TB Principal investigator: Gunar Guenther (Germany), Frank van Leth (The Netherlands)

TBnet #31 TBnet consensus statement on the management of M/XDR TB Principal investigator: Christoph Lange

TBnet #32 TBnet consensus statement on the management of tuberculosis in transplant receipients Principal Investigator: Martina Sester (Germany)

TBnet #33 Is detection of TB specific cell mediated immune response improved with hyper-thermic incubation? Principal Investigator: Morten Ruhwald (Denmark)

TBnet #43 Pregnancy and TB, Principal investigator: Graham Bothamley (UK)   

TBnet#53 TBnet-DM Study. Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with Tuberculosis and Diabetes in Europe Principal Investigator: Enrico Girardi (Italy)

TBnetSurvey: Monitoring of the QT interval and new TB drugs. Principal Investigator: Lorenzo Guglielmetti (France)