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Tuesday, 08 March 2016 11:01

Ongoing Projects

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  TBnet #16 A database for paediatric tuberculosis in Europe Principal investigator: Beate Kampmann (UK) This study was facilitated by the award of the TBnet Grant 2010. The project started in October 2010. The data-base will include (1) demographic characteristics (2) information about active TB and Microbiology (3) LTB (4)Follow-up (5) children with TB contact but not treated and (6) adverse events of treatment.  TBnet #34 / NTM-NET #5 Treatment of M. xenopi infections (CaMoMy Trial) Principal Investigator: Claire Andrejak The main objective of this study is to determine the 6-months sputum conversion rate with a clarithromycin- or moxifloxacin-containing regimen in patients with a M. xenopi pulmonary infection. This study is originally located and facilitated in France, other European centers are now asked to participate. TBnet #39 Differentiation of antigen-specific T-cells in pulmonary tuberculosis Principal Investigator: Barbara Kalsdorf (Germany) This study aims to characterize the immunophenotype and function of peripheral blood and BAL-derived Mycobacterium (M.) tuberculosis specific T-cells in suspects of tuberculosis to identify whether expansion of antigen-specific T-cells occurs only at a central compartment (lymph nodes) or in addition, at the site of the infection. We will identify the phenotype of unstimulated and antigen-specific T-cells in blood and BAL for the ability to relocate (CD3, CD4, CD8, CD27, CD45RO, CCR7) and to replicate at the site of infection (CD25, IL-2, Ki67). Early apoptosis markers like Annexin V will be used on blood and BAL-cells to investigate whether the local activation of M. tuberculosis-specific CD4 /CD8 T-cells induces protection against cell death in the course of acute pulmonary infection. TBnet #52 Management of tuberculosis in transplant recipients, Principal Investigator: Martina Sester (Germany) Influence of screening for tuberculosis on tuberculosis incidence after organ transplantation in regions of tuberculosis incidence of <40/100000   INSTRUCTION (version 02.12.2015) STUDY PROTOCOL (version 02.12.2015) TBnet FORM (version 02.12.2015) TBnet #53 TBnet-DM Study. Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with Tuberculosis and Diabetes in Europe Principal Investigator: Enrico Girardi (Italy) This study aims to describe the epidemiology, and clinical presentation of  tuberculosis in patients with diabetes in Europe. Specific objectives are: 1.To determine the prevalence of DM among TB patients  in Europe with special reference to possible differences among different countries and between autochthonous and migrant patients. 2. To analyze epidemiological and demographic variables associated with DM among TB patients. 3. To describe clinical presentation  of TB-DM and diagnosis of DM in TB patients  Protocol and Appendix can be found here (only for members).   TBnet #54 Performance of a new generation IGRA in immunocompromised individuals, Principal Investigator: Martina Sester (Germany)    
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