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TBnet is coordinating a project funded by the German Ministry of Health (BMG), aiming to strengthen the cooperation with Armenia in the fight against tuberculosis.

Activities are summarized in three main pillars:

  1. A four-day TBnet Academy was held in Yerevan in mid May 2017 and provided students and young university graduates from Armenia and other Eastern European countries with the unique opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the group of international TBnet trainers and coaches. During their Academy days, participants gained insights into various European health systems and were trained in different aspects of the fight against tuberculosis, ranging from prevention through diagnostics to therapy. They were also coached in relevant soft skills such as the drafting of a research manuscript or the preparation of scientific presentations. The programme was rounded off by a visit to the National TB hospital and laboratory reference center.
  2. In fall 2017, eight physicians and scientists from Armenia will visit Germany for observerships in Bochum, Borstel, Freiburg, Gauting/München and Homburg/Saar. During their four-week observerships, the young physicians and scientists will be working with experienced TBnet mentors. They will gain in-depth insights into patient management, lab diagnostics and clinical research in Germany to help plan and prepare future cooperations between the two countries. (For more details see the profiles of all participants below.)
  3. The visit of Armenian physicians and scientists in Germany will be concluded with a joint symposium on MDR-TB in Europe, hosted by the TBnet at the Research Center Borstel on 20th October 2017. Please find the symposium programme  here.

One key objective of the observerships is to support knowledge transfer from Western Europe to Armenia in order to enable participants to positively impact patient care and actively support the improvement of the health system in their home country. The following participants have been selected by the Medical University in Yerevan and the National TB Control Center/Ministry of Health in Armenia:

Mher Davidyants

Mher DAVIDYANTS currently works in the Department of Infectious Diseases as an assistant professor and physician at the “Nork” Infectious Clinical Hospital in Yerevan.

He holds a medical degree from Yerevan State Medical University and received a price for his work on epidemiology of botulism in Armenia. Mher is a senior lieutenant of military medical services and has acted in the past as the chief of the infectious disease unit of a military hospital for the Ministry of Defense. Within the past 17 years, 40 of his manuscripts were published in peerv reviewed journals. He received intensive training in infectious diseases within international networks (WHO, UN, DTRA). Moreover, he joined a one-month training in Argentina in ambulatory infectious diseases and successfully completed a two-year postgraduate training in applied field epidemiology and laboratory management.

Mher has also taken part in numerous national research projects and surveys such as the measles and rubella eradication campaign, the malaria control and the polio eradication program.

He will be hosted by Prof. Dr. Dirk Wagner and will be joining the Infectious Disease Consultation service at the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine II at the University of Freiburg.


Sevan Iritsyan

Sevan IRITSYAN holds a MD from Yerevan State Medical University and is a specialized allergist and immunologist. He currently works at the Allergology and Immunology Center in Yerevan.

In the past, Sevan held the position of the organizing manager at the Diagnostic and Treatment Center of the International Institute of Biological Systems Armenia and served as chief of a medical center for the Ministry of Defense. Selected for a student travel grant, he received the opportunity to attend the European Federation of Immunological Societies’ School in Allergy and Immunology in 2016. He also served for more than 4 years as the coordinator of educational programs and within the Armenian Sleep Disorders Association.

Sevan will be joining the lab of Professor Martina Sester at the University Hospital Homburg/Saar, Department of Transplant and Infection Immunology.

Eduard Kabasalakyan Eduard KABASAKALYAN holds an Ordinator degree in clinical laboratory diagnostics from the National Institute of Health in Armenia as well as a Bachelor and Master´s degree in Biophysics from Yerevan State University. He has supported the Ministry of Health with his extensive diagnostics knowledge for almost 10 years and currently holds the position as laboratory expert and lab network manager at the “National TB Control Center” SNCO, under the Ministry of Health.

Eduard successfully completed certificates on the topic of TB laboratory safety management and TB diagnostics organized by FIND and the WHO. He has worked in the past for Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a laboratory specialist and manager where he supported and supervised drug resistant tuberculosis projects. He has several years of experience in diagnostics in blood safety and monitoring of blood service centers in Armenia.

Eduard will be visiting during the exchange the labs of Dr. Katharina Kranzer, Professor Stefan Niemann and Professor Christoph Lange at the Research Center Borstel.

 Ohanna Kirakosyan  

Ohanna KIRAKOSYAN is an infectious disease specialist and holds her MD from Yerevan State Medical University. Ohanna joined MSF in 2010 and has gained since then intensive knowledge in infectious diseases with a special focus on tuberculosis diagnostics, treatment and management. She has also received trainings in MDR-TB treatment and management at the WHO Collaborating Centre in Latvia as well as in pediatric TB in Armenia. In 2012, she went to the University Hospital in Vienna to further deepen her knowledge in infectious diseases and tropical medicine.

In March 2017, she joined the Research Centre for East European Studies (Forschungsstelle Osteuropa) at the University of Bremen to investigate “the development of primary health care in the post-Soviet region- the role of donors and states in the projects combating tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan”. She has been the local coordinator of the 2017 TBnet Academy in Yerevan.

Within the TBnet collaboration, she will join her colleague Eduard KABASAKALYAN in visiting the lab of Professor Christoph Lange and the Infectious Diseases Ward at the Medical Clinic of the Research Center Borstel.

Izabella Oganezova

Izabella OGANEZOVA has been working for Doctors without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières, MSF) for almost 10 years, managing labs in Armenia and Papua New Guinea since 2011 where she coordinates TB patient examinations, provides support for external TB labs, ensures regular implementation of internal and External Quality Assessment.

She started focusing on tuberculosis in 2002 and has received trainings in Belgium, Poland and Austria in TB diagnostics, monitoring, evaluation principles and as well as TB laboratory management. She holds a Doctor’s degree in Laboratory Diagnostics from the National Institute of Health, Yerevan as well as a Bachelor´s degree in Biochemistry.

During her visit to Germany, Izabella will be working with Dr. Harald Hoffmann at the Asklepios Medical Centre in Munich, Department of Microbiology and Laboratory Diagnostics.

Ofelya Petrosyan

Ofelya PETROSYAN holds a medical degree from Yerevan State Medical University and a degree in Phtisiatry from the National Institute of Health. She has worked as a Tuberculosis Doctor with MSF since 2011, focusing on treatment and management of drug resistant tuberculosis with new molecules and pharmacovigilance. Before joining MSF, she gained practical experiences in gynaecology, family medicine and at a hospital outpatient department. She has joined various MSF and WHO trainings on the topic of TB treatment and management in recent years.

Ofelya will be visiting Dr. Korkut Avsar at the Asklepios Medical Centre Munich, Department of Infectious Diseases.

Stella Sargsyan

Stella SARGSYAN holds a medical degree from Yerevan State Medical University. Since 2013, she has been working as a pediatrician and pediatric pulmonologist at “Arabkir” JMC in Yerevan.

From 2015-2016, she performed a medical specialized formation in pediatric pulmonology at Reine Fabiola hospital in Belgium.

Stella made first place in the regional stage of the Olympics in chemistry and physics in 2004 and 2005; having attended for 6 years an art school in Armenia, Stella is passionate about playing the violin and piano.

Stella will be joining for her exchange Dr. Folke Brinkmann at the Department of Pediatric Pneumology at the University Hospital Bochum.

Nona Yeghoyan

Nona YEGHOYAN received her MD from Yerevan State Medical University in 2010. Finishing her pediatrics residency at the Muracan University hospital in 2013, she has been working as a pediatrician at the pediatrics department at the Surb Astvatsamayr Medical Center in Yerevan since.

She focuses on pediatric pulmonology, critical care and emergency medicine. She has contributed to the initiative European Immunization Week and has served as a consultant for the international insurance group “INGO Arminia”.

Together with Stella SARGSYAN, Nona will be visiting Dr. Folke Brinkmann in Bochum.

 This TBnet project is coordinated by Professor Christoph Lange, Research Center Borstel, and supported by LINQ management GmbH.


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